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Hercules II 350KPA Electric Suction Penis Pump

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The Hercules II is an extremely easy-to-use Electric penis pump that can be used as a drug-free way to fight erection disorders, effective means of enlarging the penis or just as a means of pleasuring yourself and your partner! All you have to do is insert your penis into the see-through acrylic cylinder chamber, as the air gets sucked out of the cylinder, the penile body gets filled with blood which results in its hardening and a significant increase in its size.

It offers powerful automatic penis pump pressure and powerful suction.

Receive unparalleled results enlarging your penis, achieve stronger and longer lasting erections!

Comes a soft sleeve for a tight and comfortable seal.
Size: 29.5 * 7.5 cm/11.6" * 2.95"
Ring ID: 2.2 - 2.8 - 3.6 cm/0.87" - 1.1" - 1.4"
USB Charger, LCD Screen, Automatic presure keeping



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