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Handsfree Human Voice Integrated Rechargeable Male Masturbator - Great Male Sex Toy

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This is a standout in the male masturbation range leading the way in texture and its realistic feel.


This male sex toy includes the ability to be mounted in place with its base giving you the freedom of handsfree whilst using it.

Combine this with its integrated human voice feature means you can not only obtain the realistic feeling but hear the real noises of pleasure that comes with any great sexual activity.

In addition to being handsfree & voice integrated you can also use this masturbators vibrating function to add a new level of excitement & pleasure.

If your looking for a sex toy that doesn't need that constant battery replacement then this is the masturbator for you. Its USB rechargeable function means you can always have this masturbator ready to go.

By adding one of our cooling, heating or water based lubes with this you will enhance the feeling you get from this sex toy.

To keep your masturbator with that new & realistic feeling you will need to add in a masturbator renewal powder to your order.




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