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Top Five Tips to Spice up Your Life in the Bedroom

Posted by Alan Gates on

The following top five tips serve as a sure fire way of spicing up your sex life – especially when it comes to those naughty deeds in the bedroom!!

  1. Make sex even yummier, thanks to some sweet treats: blindfold your partner then have them dab at least five small spots on your body with honey, chocolate syrup or even powdered sugar. The next challenge is to have them kiss you all over your body until they end up finding the sweet spots!

  2. Try out some props: naughty sex toys are a terrific way of spicing things up in the bedroom. Try handcuffing your partner – or having them handcuff you! The trick is to remember that it’s all about teasing and pleasing each other as playfully as possible. Tease them and whip them up into such a frenzy that they’ll be begging you for mercy. By cutting off some physical sensations – like your partner’s ability to touch you – you’ll effectively end up heightening other experiences and sensations – like your touch on their body.

  3. Lights, camera, action: if you’re both ready to push the boundaries in the bedroom, why not try reaching for a video camera, propping it up on a bookshelf or dresser drawer, and then hitting record in order to capture you both right in the heat of the moment?

  4. Deliver the goods: tease your partner and spice things up even further by giving them their very own personal peep show. Take your time in teasing them to really make sure things stay hot and heavy!

  5. Set the scene: sex is always more fun and exciting while on vacation or in a hotel room. So go ahead and recreate that feeling of luxury at home by bringing out the champagne, those special sheets, and some perfume!

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