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The Top Four Most Popular Sex Toy Gifts for Her

Posted by Alan Gates on

  • The new rechargeable Magic Wand – complete with plug and play options if you forget to charge it – is now lighter and quieter than ever before. Yet it still maintains the same powerful rumbling vibrations women the world over have been relying on for almost half a century. Sold separately, extra attachment heads are also available in order to achieve more direct penetration and heightened clitoral stimulation.

  • The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator effectively works to stimulate a woman’s clitoris as well as her G-Spot at the very same time: this offers some truly exquisite and sensational results. Try it out solo and be sure to experiment with its positioning. This can be of great benefit, especially if you need a bit of extra help in finding out just where your G-Spot may lie.

  • It typically takes women up to seven times longer than men to reach and experience an orgasm – which is, of course, no big deal if you’re both enjoying the journey. However, for a quickie that’s truly satisfying for the two of you, holding the Slim Pink Pleaser vibrator against your clitoris as your partner continues to thrust can work wonders: it may be just the thing you need to bring you over the edge sooner.

  • Thanks to that one ‘Sex and the City’ episode where Charlotte purchases a vibrator, the ‘rabbit style’ varieties have received a mega boost in popularity. But the reason they’ve stood the test of time is because the ears of the Wet Wabbit Vibrator hit against the clitoris while the vibrator is inside you, making for the ultimate sensual experience. Although the toy is waterproof, if you choose to use this one in the bath, be sure to place a bottle of lube nearby prior to getting all wet and wild!

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