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The Lelo Experience: The Innovative Oral Sex Simulator

Posted by Alan Gates on

For some women, there is nothing quite like the intense and exciting pleasure that can only be enjoyed during oral sex. The swirling, teasing sensations created by the tongue on the clitoris which, until recently was only possible with the help of a partner, is now achievable with the first ever oral sex stimulator from Lelo. Many say the sensations felt by this incredible product are even better than the real thing!

The Lelo Ora is an award winning oral sex toy with an ingenious design. It cleverly replicates the same long swirls and fast flicks felt during oral sex with a specially designed ‘tongue’ that perfectly stimulates the clitoris. It’s really unlike anything else you can find on the market. The success of the Lelo Ora inspired the company to expand and improve their range and as such, have recently released the Lelo Ora 2.

The Lelo Ora 2 offers the same tongue swirling, clit teasing motions but with a larger ‘nub’ to better stimulate the clitoris, as well as the added feature of the new ‘SenseTouch’ technology. ‘SenseTouch’ means that the Ora responds to touch and increases the intensity of the vibrations the more pressure you apply. It comes with unique settings, allowing you to adjust your experience to suit your very specific needs. Some settings will change the speed, motion and direction of the ‘tongue’ and others allow you to adjust the vibrations from a murmur all the way through to a pulse. The new ‘INTENSE’ setting on the Lelo Ora 2 gives you 30% more power instantly right when you need it which is just another feature that makes this one of a kind sex toy an absolute must have!

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