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The Evolution of the “Personal Massager” & Where We Are Today

Posted by Alan Gates on

As difficult as it is to comprehend, it wasn’t until the 20th century that men (including doctors), believed women could experience sexual pleasure. They were under the illusion that sexual pleasure was reserved for men alone and that women were simply a receptacle, their purpose only to bare children.

It was also widely believed that women suffered something known as ‘hysteria’. Doctors would treat this ‘disease’ by stimulating their female patients to orgasm. This task grew tiresome for doctors and so, they began to utilise ‘personal massagers’ to aid in completing hysteria treatments more quickly and effectively.

Women soon caught on to the idea and began purchasing their own personal massagers directly from manufacturers to use at home. By the 20th century, doctors had lost almost all of their hysteria patients to this market which is essentially how the vibrator was born!

It took some time before they were actually called vibrators, they were marketed as ‘personal massagers’ in order to maintain discretion and modesty. In fact, some adult toys are still marketed for that very purpose today. Once vibrators become more mainstream, their popularity grew and eventually it become more common for women to own vibrators than not.

Over the last 20 years, the adult toy industry has boomed and vibrator innovations and technologies have sky-rocketed. We have access to an array of vibrators and toys to satisfy almost every kind of sexual desire you can think of. From rabbits, jack rabbits and simple ergonomically designed toys, to oral sex simulators, lifelike dildos and much more; we are spoilt for choice!

The introduction of vibrators was something of a sexual revolution for women and we still see its benefits today. They allow women to satisfy their sexual desires, explore their bodies and experience pleasure whenever their heart desires!

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