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How Sex Toys Can Impact Your Romantic Relationships

Posted by Alan Gates on

While there are many couples who have caught on to the idea of bringing sex toys into the bedroom for mutual pleasure, there are still plenty who are yet to catch up. Studies have shown that sex toys are more prevalent in the bedroom with homosexual and lesbian couples as compared with heterosexual couples.

Some of the main reasons for this include one or both partners being too shy to bring it up, a fear of hurting their partners feelings and simply not knowing where to start. One of the most common reasons however, and one we need to discuss is the misconception of men needing to compete with sex toys in order to be good lovers. This is a stigma that needs to be crushed.

The truth is, around 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm; penetration alone just won’t cut it. This is all to do with the female anatomy and nothing to do with a man’s performance in the bedroom. Nevertheless, a lack of clitoral stimulation can result in unsatisfying sex and even cause some women to ‘fake’ their orgasms.

The good news is, by simply bringing a toy (such as a vibrator) into the bedroom and combining clitoral stimulation with penetration you can have mind blowing orgasms and enhance overall sexual satisfaction for both partners. A good sex life is essential for a healthy relationship so make sure your lines of communication about sex are always open.

Sex toys aren’t just for her pleasure, lots of toys are designed for both ‘his’ and ‘couples’ pleasure including prostate stimulators, masturbators, anal beads, enhancing gels, sex swings, cockrings, bondage gear and much more. Vibrators can even be used to stimulate a man’s penis- there is so much fun to be had!

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