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Find Out More About the Fleshlight Stamina Training Male Masturbation Unit

Posted by Alan Gates on

As one of the world’s leading sex toy manufacturers, Fleshlight is well known for their wide range of superb quality products – for both men and women. And their Stamina Training Unit (or STU) serves as no exception. Now available in a value pack and bundled with a whole host of awesome extras, Fleshlight are in fact offering men the world over more than just a mere ‘male masturbation unit’ – the STU can help you on your way to unlocking your hidden potential in the bedroom.

Put simply, no amount of pills, boxes of pumps, tubes of lotion, or containers of cream are going to make you a better lover. In fact, none of these miracle cures possess the ability to alter the human body’s physical tolerance for stimulation and arousal – let alone the mental anxiety that often leads to over excitement, inadvertently causing pre mature ejaculation. For that, you need practice – or at the very least, the next best thing. Thanks to the professional team at Fleshlight, the Stamina Training Unit value pack for men serves as an all in one solution: it contains all you need for the fullest Fleshlight experience – a total sensory experience like no other. More importantly, it also comes with everything you need in order to enjoy and totally care for your Stamina Training Unit.

This includes:

  • a Fleshlight Pink Stamina Training Unit
  • 4 oz/100 ml of Fleshlube® Water
  • 4 oz/100 ml Fleshwash™ Cleaner
  • Fleshlight Renewing Powder
  • Fleshlight Shower Mount (With Flight™ Adapter)

Guys, this Value Pack has all your lovemaking needs completely taken care of: the STU will significantly boost your stamina in bed while working towards improving sexual technique and rhythm. You can also look forward to more intense orgasms, as well as a massive improvement when it comes to controlling your ejaculation!

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